Saturday, November 6, 2010



                       Life continuous to be a wonder for some and for some it seems to be a tragedy, and for some it is tragic comedy, but for most, rather for all, life is about survival.
                        When a child is born, nature teaches the most basic lesson, a lesson of a “fight” yes, fights for survival, and every human being on this earth is born to fight. We all strive to leave a mark so our survival will have meaning, a purpose, but the fact is life has the power to erase all our marks, we can never win over it. 

                         Every being wants to live, want to fight and does everything to live, but for what?  It is the question we all face but hide our face against it we are all like toys in hands of nature design or dice; it plays its game through our urge to live.

                        To die is easy, to live is difficult, to die you have to do nothing, to live you have to do something, but we all prefer difficulty of living, to lose to life is easy, but to win is difficult, still we prefer to fight against inevitable. For what and why 65 year old lady sitting under the sun tries to sell some vegetables to buy some rice.

                        Why we live what makes us to fight for survival. Survival is the basic need if we don’t survive the cyclones of life there is no life, no activity if there is no activity there is no life life is about actions we are not passive creatures.

                        Passiveness is the enemy of life no one can be passive nature doesn’t allow passiveness, including sadhus of Himalayas and those Buddhist monks. No one can reach passive state, Mukthi is an illusion even god has to perform actions, thus why nature designed us to fight for survival if mukthi is the goal what is the need of life if the passive state is the ultimatum why there is experience?
                        Fact of the matter is, Mukthi is not emptiness, Mukthi is not the passiveness, mukthi is not a state of nothingness, mukthi is not a state of non existence of experience, if consciousness is a meta physical entity then mukthi can be defined as the state of that consciousness which exist on its own without a medium, body is a medium through which consciousness comes to play role in the physical world.

                        Energy is realized when it is experienced but energy existed before the experience but only with experience I feel the energy only if I see I agree there is a existence of light energy but without my experience energy is existed, no consciousness no experience no life no need of mukthi experience creates meaning but without experience we can’t talk of anything so mukthi is a experience but without a help of medium it is beyond physical dimensions.

                       I like to point to all those greats yogis their fondness for mukthi comes from their experience of mukthi because something not experienced cannot be desired if mukthi is experience it is created out of actions because experience created through actions so when there is action there is experience when there is experience there is some action nature designed us to act you can’t act without a role.
                        In order to have a role you have to have a life when you need a life to attain experience of mukthi it means living the life is more important than non-living, for clarity I will put it like this, actions is more important than non-actions. Knowledge of mukthi is based on knowledge of right actions so mukthi can’t be reached in a corner of cave or in a room it has to reach in the life by performing actions under the sun.

                        If the experience has to recreated we have to come out of the experience because experience needs change of state I can’t experience sweet if there is only sweet so you have come out of mukthi to act to experience non bonded state of happiness which yogi call jeevan mukthi hence jeevan mukthi is the ultimatum of life not mukthi.

                        Nature designed this life of drama so that every soul goes through this experience of jeevan mukthi. Life goes towards jeevan mukthi and it started from jeevan mukthi jeevan mukthi to mukthi, mukthi to jeevan mukthi


Life is a story of uncertainties you never know when the story ends and never realize when it began. But it is story which based on some basic certainties group of laws which forms the basic of its design. Life gives you opportunities to learn them and understand them and apply them. But only very few of us allow life to be our teacher we never allow our teacher to do his teaching like a naughty student we hinder him we make fun of him we hate him and lose our lessons. A student is the one who ready to listen when the teacher talks he listen when the teacher speak and observe him when he act and follow him when he is right a good student understand his teacher he knows his value so he is always ready to obey him even though he knows his faults better than other students because he knows he is only source of knowledge when we become good students of life, life will be ready to teach us its basic laws but for that we have to understand his way of teaching.

Life’s lessons can’t be learnt in classrooms it is a good teacher it teaches practically it teaches us through example it teaches us through experience I like to quote a story for our readers to understand how we normally behave with life.

There was a scientist in a small town doing research on animals he was researching on digestive system of living beings for that purpose he bought two rabbits after a while he started to have liking for the rabbits he started to have wonderful time with them one day his senior came to the lab after going through the paper he found little progress had been made but he didn’t asked the scientist for explanation. After two days he bought two more rabbits to the lab and gave it to the scientist the young scientist told he already have two rabbits but the senior said but they are no more rabbits they lost their purpose and young scientist realized his mistake due toe fondness for rabbits he never really did any experiment with it because he feared he may lose them.

What this story has to do with the point I made if this universe is the lab and object is to find the laws of life experiment is compulsory loss is essential for some gains if you don’t want to loose anything then everything you have will loose his purpose like those rabbits lost their purpose allow life to teach it will take your loved ones from you, it will serve you salt when you are thirsty for a drop of water  it may make your friends to turn enemies it may keep whole world against you but don’t complain it teaches its lessons you have to  learn them not just for you but for others also because you are connected with many you are not only responsible for your life but also for other’s life learning about life through living the life makes your life is a learning for others how to live their life so be a good student and allow life to do its teaching. 


Life is a continuous process of modification it is a journey of evolution. Changes are not only part of life but they are life. The moment the life becomes static life becomes a burden, a basket of boredom. Every loss and every gain are not only loss and gain but they are the ways to add spice to life an essential to life. A change is the most welcome thing in one’s life. Changes are changes they become loss or gain in one’s perspective of life. Changes can bring tears of joy or broke your heart but they are as necessary as your breath. A beautiful life is built through changes. Life is all about adaptation we have to adapt we have to adjust an organism resist to changes never reaches its full growth. Frog in the well never knows the limitlessness of ocean if Gandhi would have stayed in Gujarat he would not have become mahatma. Clay becomes a sculpture because if offers no resistance to the sculptor it allows the changes to take place. A good song never be monotonous god always wants you to be his good sculpture allow his hands to run through your life accept changes with smile because it is your smile which he value the most

Thursday, November 4, 2010

to friends

My words and their meaning
Are worthless unless I fill you in it.
Like the twinkling stars decorates the sky
Your memory lights my breath and life
My existence in this universe found its shape
With the help of your magical look
All my prayers to god
Wishes for one more day
To be with you
And have my garden filled with
Your fragrance.