Saturday, September 10, 2011


As every second passes away
Sense of distance creeps in
Though pain of separation
Engulfing the consciousness
I am aware of the moments
We had together
I hope to hold on to them
So that I live for some more time
Till I can feel fragrance of your heart.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Friend

You and You only
Dear Friends,
My heart is filled with overflowing joy and hope at this moment. Moments makes life. It is the little moments give a lot of meaning to our life. When you look back at your life, only the moments remains like a tower in a deserted island, your fame, your talent, your achievement all swallowed by the time only the moments of laughter, heartfelt chat with your friends, remain with you. So it is in our hand to make each passing second into experience which remains with us forever.
So I hope and desire that, as we pass through this life changing experience, let each and every second of our life become a historical moment. When we glance through the history books, we find people who changed course of history by their pure intelligence, will power, skill and talent, innovation and creation. We belonged to a land which produced a great leader, like Gandhi, thinker like Vivekananda, a great emperor like Akbar, Asoka, and great philosopher like Buddha, a great writer like Tagore, and a great painter like Ravivarma, and a great matimaticain like Ramanujam, and a great social reformer like Dayanandha Sarawathi. Each one of them had an effect in their respective field, they are the people who changed the course of history.
Throughout the history we find individuals making huge difference to collective conscious of the society. Actually they able to inspire people, to put everything behind and sacrifice everything they had and move towards common goodness.
So why we are discussing all this here, because we believe that each one of us can be that individual who changed the ways people live their life, we have dream of creating leaders.
Leader is the one who lead others to the goal, who sees the best in everyone and bring that out. Leader is the one who show the way and give courage to others to walk with him to unknown territories and one who give sense of victory to others before the result, who is the pillar of comfort for others in trouble times.
Wonderful thing of life is, you need not to be prodigy to be the leader, nor do you need extraordinary skills to be a leader. Never think about post, power etc when you heard the word “leader”. If you are an ordinary person working in an ordinary office, still you can be a leader if you desire to influence life of others by being a perfect example to follow.
Our society needs examples, role models to follow we need people who are able to influence people to live life honestly, happily and enjoy each and every second of their life. We need Young people who believe in the theory of right action will yield right results.
We feel it as responsibility to show the way to young India to be a leader who is influencing and effecting positive changes in the society. We feel it as a responsibility to show the young India the secret of success is smile not enmity, we like to demonstrate that we can smile our way to success. We like to see Young Indians as positive leaders who are Rays of hope for other people.

Dear Friends,
We have to make a transition, from getting influenced to influencing others. It is the transition and transformation of us, base of happiness of people around us. If you can inspire at least one person to live honest and a happy life, then that will serve the purpose of your life.
We always have two choices in life to be a leader or to be follower, to be a creator or to be a creation. Biggest truth of the life is our life is in our hands, believe us it is you and only you responsible for your life. You can design your life. If the time takes away all the things who had in your hand, still one thing remain in your hand is power of choice. You and you only can choose the options in your life. No one has the power to choose the option for you.
When the young barrister was thrown to the platform he had a choice to make to accept, or to revolt against the discrimination, and he selected the later and he transformed from M.K Gandhi to Mahatma Gandhi. When the young lady found out that life is worst than hell for people in Calcutta she had options in front of her to shut the eyes and sing prayers or to take up the challenge of changing their lives. She is known to us as Mother Teresa and . when the young boy was knocked down by the cricket ball from a fast bowler he had a choice to make to surrender or to attack, today he is regarded as god of cricket in this country. We call Sachin
There is no power in this world which can appose you or take your freedom of choice. We are responsible for our life. Never think it is your manager or your teacher, or your parents, or your friends, or your colleagues having influence in your life. They are observers of your show they are actors in your script, they are toys in your hand, and they just react to you. If you decide to be happy who can take away your happiness, when you decide to be successful who can take away your success.
You and You only responsible for your life, you are responsible for your happiness, your success, your fame your wealth, your circumstances. Opportunities presents in front of you it is your choice. Of course circumstances and external factors contribute to our life. It is true that we are product of time, but it is internal choice which defines our life. Successful persons are those who use this power and unsuccessful are those who never use this power.
It is a simple truth, everyone know this, self is the best friend and worst enemy, so what is the new thing you try to tell us, will be your question, yes friends it is the simple truth, everyone would be knowing this, but it is the fact which we always forget , we end up complaining about life, complaining about others, we expect others to change, but remember the slogan “Be the change you want to see”
We believe that you and you only can bring that positive change in your life, you and you only can transform this world into a beautiful place to live. All we have to know is to learn to use the power with which we born internal choice of freedom, we can be emperor of the self, we can be self made, self sustained kings, for that we have to realize simple truths and accept them, So let begin the journey towards learning to use the inner choice of freedom.
Dear Friend,
We would have experienced moments of intense failure, we would have felt like shutting ourselves to a dark room and never to see the world again. Recall those moments, you would have analyzed those moments many times, each time coming up with a different answer to your question, why I am failed. You would have discovered thousands of complaints against others, we would have blamed our circumstances, and slowly we got into self pity and start speaking like I am the most unfortunate man in the world. Fact of the matter is failure can be attributed to no other reason rather than one reason that you decided to accept that you have failed, in a way you desired your failure you wanted to fail so you failed. War is lost because we surrendered before it started.
We see life as a coin of two sides success and failure, We measure our success and failure by external variables, by comparing with others, I will consider myself to be successful if I am to own a car like that of my neighbor, I will consider myself successful employee if I get promotion little quicker than my friend. Is it a right way to measure success, when we know for sure each one life is unique and different, each one of us is unique and different, is it right to compare with others, Success is a internal thing, when Edison failed in his attempts to invent the bulb everyone thought his attempts as failure but Edison saw each one as success. Marks in the exam, money in the bank, power in our hand, indictors of success are only an effect of a process. If process is wrong result won’t be good, sometimes in life we see the fruit but forget to see the seed.
Your happiness is the result of way you lived your life. Now look back at your success or failure stories, reason will be you made wrong choice or failed to move right choice at right moment. Each and every passing second offers us choices, we make right choice sometimes and wrong choice sometimes, but this choices collectively makes our life happy or sad. You and you only have freedom to make this choice. Life offers us choices. When we make right choice I am able to remain happy and when I make wrong choice I face problem.
Why we make wrong choices or how can we always pick right among wrong choices. We need compass to show us right direction. There is always a conflict in ourselves between our bad or weak self and good or strong self, When bad conquers the good there is wrong choice and we suffer and when good conquers the bad there is right choice we feel happy.
In short there is angel and ghost both hidden in the self. When you feed your angel it grows stronger day by day become huge and conquer your ghost sends it to the graveyard, When you feed your ghost it gains strength to conquer your angel and take away your happiness.
When you see the ghost in others, ghost in you wakes up reacts to it, and when you see the angel in others angel in you wakes up and reacts to the angel. Angel is the truth and ghost is a illusion, it is there because your never seen your angel. Moment you starting to see your angel, the moment your getting connected your angel, your ghost will fly away there won’t be a trace of it. But angel needs attention, constant attention, attention of tiger when it aims its prey, moment you take your eyes , ghost will take possession of you. That is happening in our life, a war within us, that’s why I said success is an internal thing. It is a war for the highest gift inner freedom to choose best in life.
Dear Friend,
Great Men are defined by great habits, they had unique habits, it is their habits which taken them to greater heights, it is their habits saved them from falling and becoming ordinary, it is their habits, that made them as leaders, it is their habits helped them to influence others. So if you want to be a leader, a leader who able to guide his team towards its goal, concentrate on your habits, in short feed your angel, allow your angel to guide your life.
We are slaves to our routine, we like to program ourselves to do a simple thing again, again and again. Our mind is works like a computer its pattern of work is programmed. When you’re habituated to see a particular thing , in a particular way it is difficult for you to see it in the other way. When habituated to complaining about life, even god came before you and bestows you with all the good things in the world you will still complain about your life. When you are habituated to grey side of events, you continue to see it wherever you go. When you are habituated to see bright side of events, you continue to see it wherever you go.
Rome is not built over a day, successful life won’t be and can’t be built over a few days, happiness and satisfaction is result of right actions over long period of time. When our angels gains wings and strong legs we have to keep on feed it with good food. Success is a difficult art to learn but easy art to forget, and failure is an easy art to learn and difficult art to forget. We have to stay focus, practice hard each and every second get habituated to rule the self.
How often we say I don’t want to do it but it happened, I don’t know why it happened, and we find much reason, why it happens, because we are habituated to it. Many want to stop smoking they can’t because they are addicted to the habit, they can’t live without it. We become slaves to our habits. We feel somebody have taken control over us, we become toys in their hands, and we are dancing to their tunes. But the truth is we are creator of our destiny, no one can take away the freedom of choice.
All we need is clarity, clarity and objectivity. When we lack clarity and objectivity we loss control over life. Doubts creep into our mind, slowly lose our will power, and become prey to our weakness. Clarity and objectivity comes from thinking. Intense thinking is a good habit to develop. We should ask ourselves what is objectivity of my life. I should know my priorities and should know my internal protocol.
I should check myself thoroughly, I should act like an observer viewing my life in other’s perspective, I should act like scientist experimenting with the self to bring the best and new thing out, I should be an teacher, I should check my action and ensure that it doesn’t deviate from my objective. The Person one who can check himself can become a maker, a leader , a creator. Most of us not having the habit of checking our action, most of us never spend time for the self. You are your best companion. We spend hours to talk to our friend in mobile. But never spend time to talk to the self analyze the self, We spend a lot of money to buy autobiography of leaders, never we sit to write our story, Life is a greatest gift, because best way to understand life is to live the life. Everyday some incidents happening in our life but only when we sit to reflect upon them it can become experience. So become an intense thinker by analyzing your life.
Dear Friend
We all would know the Ramayana story, if Sita would not have crossed the lakshman Rekah(line drawn by lakshman) Everything would have been fine. But she crossed and hence the great story. What is the need to mention the story here. When we cross our line, then we lose our Sita our self worth, our virtues, and our dignity. Why Sita crossed the line because she was in doubt, she was in confusion, Doubts are the weakness to our growth.
We should never doubt our principles, our objective our code of conduct should be clear to us. It should be powerful. It is our conviction gives us strength, gives us will power and respect from others. We should have total faith in our ideas, in our principles, we should not be flexible.
Our big company has a code of conduct for his employees, so that able to maintain dignity and uniformity and authority over the organization. When you lack principles or when you not have belief in your principles, you can never gain any acceptance. Leader is the one who stand up, and protect his principle. He is what he is even the total world is against him.
Following the principles, means taking decision based on your opinions, and beliefs. This is comes by practice, this gives unique identity to you. Today we based our life on physical needs. Whole life is devoted to achieve these physical needs. We accept pain and suffering for luxury a great irony, we work day and night but never find time to enjoy our food. We like to have big cars, big home, and a lot of money mad rush for money is seen everywhere. Our entire life is devoted for survival.
The end result is happiness becomes a short lived phenomenon and our struggle is forever. Science has made sure that gap between rich and poor will be expressed in our way as possible, from food, dress to home. Comfort and luxury, the science offers, are intensive for us to participate in the cut throat competition, our journey is never easy, we are running continuously always under the impression, somebody is ready to take over us. Fear of loss, Fear of defeat, gone to extreme we are under depression.
It is time to look at the life, and develop new principles for new life. Better way to earn money is not to think about it a lot. When I find a job which helps me to connect to my inner resources and opportunity to express them, money, fame, and happiness automatically flow into my life. Doing a job is to improve myself as a person and money is a side product of it. Comfort and luxury is to enjoy my aesthetic sense.
The world’s richest person needs not to be the happiest person but the happiest person is always the riches person. So instead of concentrating on external factors concentrate on internal resources, stay connected to your principles, life seems to be easy, and happy.
People spend time in the gym to become physically stronger, spend time to become spiritually stronger, think about your principles allot time to check. Every day when you’re getting up ask yourself, Who am I? What is my role in this universe? Am I performing them to my best. Honest person is always a happiest person, when heart sees the truth and get filled, doors of heaven will open to us. So draw to lakshman Rekha and Stay inside it.
Dear Friend,
Once in a village, a drama was running very successfully, it was tragedy drama, people were coming out of the theater with moist eyes, so a write in the village that never have the habit of watching drama decided to see this one. And he went to the theater and got first seat and was seeing the drama, acting was wonderful, script was nice, as expected audience were spell bound and crying in the climax, suddenly writer saw person two seat after him, smiling and seem to enjoying, writer was confused and after the drama he went and asked him, Are you impressed by the performance, the person said yes I am impressed by the performance, then why are smiling when others are crying, the person said because I am the script writer and I know the end.
So why is the story here, just to know power of being the creator, When you sit in the role of creator, the person understand the nature of life and its laws it gives you the power to be calm during storm, because you know everything is in your hand, you able to create, you understand each scene of this universe.
One of the important laws we have to know in this life is
1. There is a cause and there is an effect.
2. Everything influences everything.
3. Change is the Changeless law
4. There is a reason for everything
5. Intentions are important than actions.
6. Process is more important than result.
7. Abundance is truth and scarcity is false.
When we understand this seven point, and live our life according to it, we can promote ourselves from being a creation into the creator. Power of creator comes from its understanding, information and knowledge, poet understands science of sound better than anyone, painter understands about effect of color.
Our society needs creators, not creations quality of creator will be seen in his creation. So friends, if you need a better world to live, a better life, better experiences, Create it for you, knowledge is the magic wand and love, patience, and consistency are magic words to bring the heaven on earth.
Let people see you as creator, When your enter your home, create an atmosphere of hope, love and respect, in your office create atmosphere of cooperation, compassion and belief.
Wonderful creators never complaint about the scarcity of resources, with limited resources they able to create wonderful masterpieces, they use what they have, they use mud to create monuments, pencil and torn paper to create history, with two sticks they able to create divinity by their music.
So if you know want heaven on earth, never sit in the dark room come and create it because you and you only can create it.
Dear Friend,
1. There is a cause and there is an effect.
Nothing can happen on its own. Everything has cause and effect. You can’t escape from the effect of your action. You can’t escape from the effect of your thoughts. Never think why this has happened, that is a effect of your action. As you sow , so you reap.
2. Everything influences everything.
Nothing can live in isolation, in this script everything influences everything, your thoughts are influencing your atmosphere, and your atmosphere is influencing your thought. You are influencing your neighbors and you are influenced by your neighbors. You can’t win without others, and others can’t win without you.
3. Change is the Changeless law

Changes will happen changes are ceaseless movement of time. What is yesterday will be forget as soon as today is born. Changes are the only permanent feature of life. If you accept the change you can be happy, nothing is good or bad, change is only truth it is up to you see it as good and bad. Have love for new things, new friends, but cherish the memories of old things and old friends.

4. There is a reason for everything

Nothing can happen without a reason, and it is script having a meaning, everything happening for a good reason. So never worry about anything we are moving towards ultimate good.

5. Intentions are important than actions.
Judgment is based on your intention not based on your action. Having a thought of crime equivalent to doing the crime. So correction starts in mind not in action.
6. Process is more important than result.
Result is not important but the process is, success is measure by the execution of the process not by the result. If something is achieved through wrong means then it considered as defeat. Success is about following right path.
7. Abundance is truth and scarcity is false.
When everything is abundant here so everyone will get everything, on the surface it may look few can achieve success, but truth is everyone can abundant of what they desire so look for enemies, and don’t give excuses because abundance is truth and scarcity is false.
Dear Friend,

I leave with this note try to be leader, creator, has intense thinking for the self, develop code of conduct, never cross your principles, and understand the universal rule.

I am dependent on

You and You only to create a better world and better life.

Saturday, November 6, 2010



                       Life continuous to be a wonder for some and for some it seems to be a tragedy, and for some it is tragic comedy, but for most, rather for all, life is about survival.
                        When a child is born, nature teaches the most basic lesson, a lesson of a “fight” yes, fights for survival, and every human being on this earth is born to fight. We all strive to leave a mark so our survival will have meaning, a purpose, but the fact is life has the power to erase all our marks, we can never win over it. 

                         Every being wants to live, want to fight and does everything to live, but for what?  It is the question we all face but hide our face against it we are all like toys in hands of nature design or dice; it plays its game through our urge to live.

                        To die is easy, to live is difficult, to die you have to do nothing, to live you have to do something, but we all prefer difficulty of living, to lose to life is easy, but to win is difficult, still we prefer to fight against inevitable. For what and why 65 year old lady sitting under the sun tries to sell some vegetables to buy some rice.

                        Why we live what makes us to fight for survival. Survival is the basic need if we don’t survive the cyclones of life there is no life, no activity if there is no activity there is no life life is about actions we are not passive creatures.

                        Passiveness is the enemy of life no one can be passive nature doesn’t allow passiveness, including sadhus of Himalayas and those Buddhist monks. No one can reach passive state, Mukthi is an illusion even god has to perform actions, thus why nature designed us to fight for survival if mukthi is the goal what is the need of life if the passive state is the ultimatum why there is experience?
                        Fact of the matter is, Mukthi is not emptiness, Mukthi is not the passiveness, mukthi is not a state of nothingness, mukthi is not a state of non existence of experience, if consciousness is a meta physical entity then mukthi can be defined as the state of that consciousness which exist on its own without a medium, body is a medium through which consciousness comes to play role in the physical world.

                        Energy is realized when it is experienced but energy existed before the experience but only with experience I feel the energy only if I see I agree there is a existence of light energy but without my experience energy is existed, no consciousness no experience no life no need of mukthi experience creates meaning but without experience we can’t talk of anything so mukthi is a experience but without a help of medium it is beyond physical dimensions.

                       I like to point to all those greats yogis their fondness for mukthi comes from their experience of mukthi because something not experienced cannot be desired if mukthi is experience it is created out of actions because experience created through actions so when there is action there is experience when there is experience there is some action nature designed us to act you can’t act without a role.
                        In order to have a role you have to have a life when you need a life to attain experience of mukthi it means living the life is more important than non-living, for clarity I will put it like this, actions is more important than non-actions. Knowledge of mukthi is based on knowledge of right actions so mukthi can’t be reached in a corner of cave or in a room it has to reach in the life by performing actions under the sun.

                        If the experience has to recreated we have to come out of the experience because experience needs change of state I can’t experience sweet if there is only sweet so you have come out of mukthi to act to experience non bonded state of happiness which yogi call jeevan mukthi hence jeevan mukthi is the ultimatum of life not mukthi.

                        Nature designed this life of drama so that every soul goes through this experience of jeevan mukthi. Life goes towards jeevan mukthi and it started from jeevan mukthi jeevan mukthi to mukthi, mukthi to jeevan mukthi


Life is a story of uncertainties you never know when the story ends and never realize when it began. But it is story which based on some basic certainties group of laws which forms the basic of its design. Life gives you opportunities to learn them and understand them and apply them. But only very few of us allow life to be our teacher we never allow our teacher to do his teaching like a naughty student we hinder him we make fun of him we hate him and lose our lessons. A student is the one who ready to listen when the teacher talks he listen when the teacher speak and observe him when he act and follow him when he is right a good student understand his teacher he knows his value so he is always ready to obey him even though he knows his faults better than other students because he knows he is only source of knowledge when we become good students of life, life will be ready to teach us its basic laws but for that we have to understand his way of teaching.

Life’s lessons can’t be learnt in classrooms it is a good teacher it teaches practically it teaches us through example it teaches us through experience I like to quote a story for our readers to understand how we normally behave with life.

There was a scientist in a small town doing research on animals he was researching on digestive system of living beings for that purpose he bought two rabbits after a while he started to have liking for the rabbits he started to have wonderful time with them one day his senior came to the lab after going through the paper he found little progress had been made but he didn’t asked the scientist for explanation. After two days he bought two more rabbits to the lab and gave it to the scientist the young scientist told he already have two rabbits but the senior said but they are no more rabbits they lost their purpose and young scientist realized his mistake due toe fondness for rabbits he never really did any experiment with it because he feared he may lose them.

What this story has to do with the point I made if this universe is the lab and object is to find the laws of life experiment is compulsory loss is essential for some gains if you don’t want to loose anything then everything you have will loose his purpose like those rabbits lost their purpose allow life to teach it will take your loved ones from you, it will serve you salt when you are thirsty for a drop of water  it may make your friends to turn enemies it may keep whole world against you but don’t complain it teaches its lessons you have to  learn them not just for you but for others also because you are connected with many you are not only responsible for your life but also for other’s life learning about life through living the life makes your life is a learning for others how to live their life so be a good student and allow life to do its teaching. 


Life is a continuous process of modification it is a journey of evolution. Changes are not only part of life but they are life. The moment the life becomes static life becomes a burden, a basket of boredom. Every loss and every gain are not only loss and gain but they are the ways to add spice to life an essential to life. A change is the most welcome thing in one’s life. Changes are changes they become loss or gain in one’s perspective of life. Changes can bring tears of joy or broke your heart but they are as necessary as your breath. A beautiful life is built through changes. Life is all about adaptation we have to adapt we have to adjust an organism resist to changes never reaches its full growth. Frog in the well never knows the limitlessness of ocean if Gandhi would have stayed in Gujarat he would not have become mahatma. Clay becomes a sculpture because if offers no resistance to the sculptor it allows the changes to take place. A good song never be monotonous god always wants you to be his good sculpture allow his hands to run through your life accept changes with smile because it is your smile which he value the most

Thursday, November 4, 2010

to friends

My words and their meaning
Are worthless unless I fill you in it.
Like the twinkling stars decorates the sky
Your memory lights my breath and life
My existence in this universe found its shape
With the help of your magical look
All my prayers to god
Wishes for one more day
To be with you
And have my garden filled with
Your fragrance.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Freedom of truth

Have you gone to historical movies, have you seen those war scenes. There will be soldiers on either side they will fight ferociously against each other. Why I am referring to it. Because I want you to understand the war in historical times was very different from today. But still aim of the war is not to kill anyone but to capture the territory. If you able to capture the territory without killing others it is well and good but there is no war without a enemy. Enemy can be negotiated, enemy can be killed or we can deceive him. There are many strategies followed in today’s scenario but objective is to use his territory for our benefit.

It is the same way, life play with us, it wages a war with us it captures our territory through negotiation through brutal force through deceiving us. Either you accept its power over you or fight against it. Either you compromise or fight for you territory.

You may feel I am confusing you or getting confused with my analogy. Let me explain territory refers to our mind, our ideas, our control of the self, our reason, and our ideas. External environment influences us it captures our mind and makes us a toy and we play to the tunes of life. There is always a war between the two parts of the self. One is designed by the nature and the other is designed by the environment by
Nature I mean the self. We all have a plan that we want to be and others too have a plan who they want us to be people say you are what you think but that is partly true. In order to find my identity I depend on others I form my opinion with the help of comments I receive from others. So always there is contradiction between two parts of self, always there is war and remember war is all about capturing the territory. And we negotiate with life we agree to his restriction and disagree to some. When you agree there is no war but you lost your territory that you become what others want you to become if you disagree there is war you decide to fight for territory.

If you understand this perpetual war between the self and the self, we can understand why truth always eluded us. Because we can only perceive and our perception is influenced by others it is difficult to go beyond and think beyond boundaries, in order to do that you should be courageous to destroy the self which is constructed by others. And prepared to reengineer yourself to renovate yourself it is often like waging a war against yourself.

War can lead you to success or it can be lost. Win or loss War is followed by peace but sometimes war is better than peace.

Freedom of truth

Freedom is the most valuable thing; it is the most sought after by any living creatures. Yes it is the thing for which we may sacrifice our lives. It is more than anything in the world. Freedom is an asset, it is valuable than all that we possess, it is equal to everything we desire. It is the nature’s gift , it is gift we like to give ourselves , it is the gift we like others to give us, yes of course it is the gift sometimes we reluctant to give to others.
To know the value of freedom, try this game, spend a day without using right hand while speaking, you may feel amusing but mere restriction of not using the right hand can disturb you comfort level it will bring anxiety to life. You will find it very difficult. Freedom is what we want from life but only sometimes we are lucky to possess it, only sometimes life bless us with freedom.
What is freedom, is it lack of restriction, is it absence of control or as Russell quoted it is the absence of obstacles to the realization of desires, we all agree definition of freedom is beyond definition it is a feeling only known to heart. It is difficult to translate language of heart to human language. It is the feeling that, we are not tied to anything we can do what we want it is the power felt by the self to direct his action towards his objective. So stop with this and agree that definition of freedom is known to us and we can define them as we like or as we perceive.
We know history of our nation’s freedom; throughout the pages of history books we can find individuals who led their lives for freedom. They struggled to safeguard the freedom of their people they fought against the evils to liberate the people. For them freedom is everything and sacrificed everything for freedom.
If the objective of life is freedom, it is our duty to achieve it. If freedom is our birthright why not go for it. Why not think about it. Why sometimes we loss our freedom, here I am not talking social freedom, I am referring to freedom of mind. Ability to match the action with words and words with feeling, to speak out your mind without hindrance, to live life in transparent manner, to follow your heart and obey his commands. Yes I am referring to freedom of truth.  
Freedom of Truth

Truth is bigger than god or God is truth. We all love to be truthful and expect others to be truthful to us. But seldom have we done that. Truth is the dream for us, it is there and we know its existence but never have the courage to face it. It is like dream because it is gone when you open your eyes and face the real world it lies in you and you can feel it when detach yourself from the real world as you do in sleep.
Down the years many great people tried to touch the truth, to see its divine light and hoped to divinity. Some are partially successful some are partially failure. Truth stills seems to distant reality to human mind it has tried to get the glimpse of it through science, through philosophy, through upliftment of poor, through spirituality, through prayers, but it never able to see the wholesome form of truth.
Truth can give us freedom; it can quench our thirst for freedom. It can lend its hands to upgrade the society; it can lead us to evolution of new race. A human race which no longer fights the evil of poverty, cruelty, and hatred.
Truth can teach us love; it gives us the courage to fight our sorrow. It can bring comfort and growth and prosperity in our life. It can give us wings to fly, to cross across boundaries it can destroy obstacles of growth. But it is like a forbidden fruit not in the sense of bible but it is forbidden for those who too weak to accept.
To touch the truth is to touch the fire, sometimes fire is needed to destroy the unwanted and to create the wanted. One of the characteristic of truth is it never comes to us we have to reach for it but when we reach it we realize that it is always there in front never far away from us but we always run to escape from the sight of it.
Truth is eternal, it never changes but it gives us the power to change anything, if you don’t agree go through biography of Mahatma Gandhi. British had everything, his political opponents too had everything but simple man had one thing and that was enough. He had freedom of truth with its power, he able to face everyone and everything under the sun.
He hold on to his principles even in difficult times, because he knows his principle are based on truth. He had freedom of truth to overcome his problems. He proudly said A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.

Freedom of Truth

I think it is time to begin our journey as like every journey, every step will take us closer to our objective, to freedom of truth. Journey may be tiresome, journey may be exciting, and journey may be adventurous, journey may be hard. But we have to travel this path though we know only few have taken this path but that few gives us the courage to walk on their foot prints to our destination.

Brave person never fears for failure he know without them he won’t be complete. So I am not bother about failure or bother about success I never consider it, all I know is to travel through life without disturbing its rhythm. So my friends let join our hands and travel through life, we will take a trip to our inner self. It may be like a voyage of Columbus. We may land in a new territory; it may be a treasure hunt.

There is one important condition for all of us. Never put your step backwards go forward like a lieutenant general march your way, path may be difficult but never look back and think we can return because it is a one way road when your started your journey towards it, either you try to go forward or stay in your place return is never possible. Because, force of truth is such that you can’t trace back to your original position.
Before we begin our journey I like to emphasis on one thing, this universe has a design, this life too has a design it has roles for everyone it has responsibility for everyone. Your role is as important role as anyone’s role. It is our responsibility to play our role. And now since we are decided to begin a journey towards freedom of truth and it is our responsibility to reveal it to others.
Though our journey may be difficult I promise you that it is worth of this universe. We all have taken right step in right direction. Friends we have to be patient in our journey. We have to wait for our angel to come to us to kiss us on our hands to present our freedom. Because my friends, jug fills drop by drop.

Freedom of truth

Throughout the history, men and women tried to identify “the reason” the reason for we live. But that reason always eluded them. They never find it. But they thought they know it, they thought it was within their reach, some said they know it, and they have it. But all they had is nothing they waved their hands in the air and imagined they hold on to the most valuable thing of humankind. They don’t know that their hands are empty it was empty and it will remain like that forever. Their stories of truth, their stories of life, their stories of cause and effect of life, their stories of reason all were never to the truth. The truth eluded them as much they tried to reach for it gone away from them.
Philosophers forwarded ideas, scientist proposed theories to contradict them, religion preached blind faith, noble people advised to ask question and argue. Arguments continue even today it may continue till the last day of this world. Each of them were proved right in their own way scientist made life comfortable but soul of living was lost as religion feared. Religion blow oxygen of spirituality into life but led people to sacrifice their logic and sense as science feared. Philosophers tried and tried and finally said it is beyond their intellect and they begin to define life within their boundaries.

Is there any reason behind our existence, may be may be not, answer lies within you and answer lies only with you. The moment you share them you will realize half of meaning is lose due to limit of words. Words cannot describe them. Words are created to convey the feelings but feelings cannot be exactly translated to words. Is it exactly for the same reason sound has become secondary in the quest of greats like Buddha.
So, let’s start with the simple exercise close your eyes just to help you to escape from the distraction of present environment. Put a question to you “what is the most important thing you want from this life or what is the most important thing you value in your life. Money fame, power, happiness, love, knowledge, pleasure. If you pick one of the list and thought you have analyzed and given a correct answer sorry my friends your are right and wrong.
Reality is, all are important all are valuable if you feel I am wrong, you always considered love is everything and valuable and the most desired. Let put a question if you pick love don’t you feel fame is another dimension of quest for love. Don’t you desired for pleasure, don’t ever longed for power and happiness. Freedom of truth lies in this paradox my friends. Let explain this in the coming chapters. Before I have some ideas to share with you.
Freedom of truth

Have you gone to historical movies, have you see those war scenes. There will be soldiers on either side they will fight ferociously against each other. Why I am referring to it because I want you to understand the war in historical times was very different from today. But still aim of the war is not to kill anyone but to capture the territory. If you able to capture the territory without killing others it is well and but there is no war without enemy Enemy can negotiated enemy can be killed or we can deceive him There are many strategies followed in today’s scenario but objective is to use his territory for our benefit.

It is the same way life play with us it wages a war with us it captures our territory through negotiation through brutal force through deceiving us either you accept its power over you or fight against it either you compromise me or fight for territory.
You may feel I am confusing you or getting confused with my analogy Let me explain territory refers to our mind our ideas our control of the self our reason and our ideas External environment influences us it captures our mind and makes us a toy and we play to the tunes of life. There is always a war between the two parts of the self one is designed by the nature and other is designed by the environment.
Nature I mean the self we all have a plan that we want to be and others too have a plan who they want us to be people say you are what you think but that is partly true. In order to find my identity I depend on others I form my opinion with the help of comments I receive from others. So always there is contradiction between two parts of self, always there is war and remember war is all about capturing the territory And we negotiate with life we agree to his restriction and disagree to some When you agree there is no war but lost you territory that you become what others want you to become if you disagree there is war you decide to fight for territory.
If you understand this perpetual war between the self and the self and the self we can understand why truth always eluded us because we can only perceive and our perception is influenced by others it is difficult to go beyond and think beyond boundaries in order to do that you courageous to destroy the self which is constructed by other. And prepared to reengineer yourself to renovate yourself it is often like waging a war against yourself.
War can lead you to success or it can lost win or loss War is followed by peace but sometimes war is better than peace.
Freedom of truth

Perception drives people to actions. People never see things as they are but only see them as they were. Your past experience puts a screen between you and your present reality. We feel Chennai is a conservative city, may be 20 years before it was but still we feel it is conservative and all people from Chennai will be conservative. We form judgments and we refuse to change them worse case is we want others to accept them.
Once a Guru asked his discipline to bring a mud pot, his discipline taken greater pains to buy the mud pot but accidently mud pot fell on the ground and broken. And Guru said “I know you will do this” and discipline simply “ yes, guru I know that, so I don’t want to disappoint you.
When something has gone wrong everybody say I know it. I know it will happen in that way but if they know it why didn’t they stop it. A painter painted a picture and kept it in the exhibition he kept a board beside it and said people can write whatever they feel about the painting. An old man came that way and saw that painting and wrote painting was very beautiful. The painter shifted the painting and board to other side of the room. The same old man came again and saw the picture and wrote the painting was worst and he never saw such a bad painting in his life. The painter came to the old man, said “so today, you had a problem with your son” the old man asked ‘how you know that, do you know my son” the painter replied “No, I don’t know your son but know I painted the picture of father and son”
So, I discuss all this things, because without perception we can’t think we can’t learn structured learning always depends on perception we just transform our knowledge on one thing to understand the other. But the things are not same people are not same leave out people the same individual is not the same on all days.
Truth can only be perceived but one of the basic definition of truth it should be beyond perception if I able to see it you should able to see it but this rarely takes place in life. If I find people whose perception is same as mine I feel I am right on most times but if my perception doesn’t match with the people I know I feel I am wrong on most times. But friends always there is more to know than what we know always there is an other dimension which we never know. We can only understand things with only relative to other so Einstein is right is not he one right thing we all have to know is we can’t know right things, or there is more right things.
But to know right things you should have right perception, what I mean by right perception a perception which is not influenced by external and internal factors. It is the perception what many greats possessed, perceiving things without bias of the self, society and it uses the logic to analyze but understand from heart.

Freedom of truth
People differ by many factors but the most important factor by they differ is by intuition and sensibility. We can say some people are mind readers and others are heart readers. What is the difference between them, one set of people go by logic to understand things others just feel their way and understand things. One set of people go by the rules of the book others go by the rules of their heart. One set of people observes, analyze and project their views others feel, and project their feelings. One set of people go external to understand the internal and others go internal to understand the external.
WE all know this; we all know there is always there is a conflict between heart and mind. But which is correct either we go by heart or by mind. There is no perfect answer to this. But the truth lies in between these two. You need logic to analyze and derive conclusion and need emotions and feelings to guide your logic. Logic without soul is like a corpse but soul need a body But heart readers and mind readers always in conflict with each other. But human race has benefitted from both of them. If we can balance our heart and mind we can reach out to the truth. Science is never against spirituality, business is never against philanthropy, philosophy is never against entertainment. Each field has contributed to our enrichment of knowledge. Each has added to perception of world.
So, friends let your logic guide your understanding and let your actions stem from your heart. Emotional intelligence is superior to any intelligence. Unhindered feeling expressing itself through action will take you to divinity, it makes you to feel the life. Without feelings, without the emotions, life is not worth living. But without logic your feelings and emotions cannot find right expressions.
Love becomes a bondage if never filled with understanding. Understanding becomes manipulation if never filled with love. Love frees you from selfishness, and reason liberates you from bondage. Both are needed, science approaches life without bias it preaches observation and impartial treatment to facts. Love preaches bias it encourages possessiveness sometimes beyond logic but both find a common platform in projecting the self into others.

Freedom of truth

Understanding the self involves process of segregation of self. We have to understand that we, are not wholesome product of nature, bits and pieces makes a individual. We define ourselves based on perception of wholesome. But self is created through bits and pieces of information and habits accumulated over the years.
Selfconcept in psychology is important topic of study. It is about what perception we have on ourselves. It is very difficult to go beyond selfconcept. Every individual spend a lot of energy in modelling the self. The process of modelling involves observational learning. But the most important process by which we model ourselves is modelling the self or matching the self to the environment. If environment we encounter varies then there is accumulation of different self concept often conflict with each other.
Have you ever wonder why you behave in two different ways with the same person for the same situation. You think it is you who behave like that but this “you” consists of different personalities, different characteristics. We are made up of different forces acting continously shaping our perception attitude and thinking pattern.
We define persons on the basis of perception of ours. He is a moody person, he is a lovable person, he is a bad person, he is a good person but the truth is none of them is nearer to the reality of the person. Each individual is good and bad, efficient and inefficient, kind and cruel we are all mixture of conflicting characteristics.
We like to talk and we love silent, we like to be with people, and like solitude. We like to go to temple and for disco club. We are humble and arrogant. Human can be imagined of different planes or circles kept one over the other. It is our envirnonment decides which plane we are in.
Freedom of truth lies in accepting flaws and good

Freedom of truth

There are infinite number of ways to look at life and even more number of ways to live life. Attitudes towards life vary from person to person. All can be summarised to basic two. Abundance and scarcity. These two covers up all that we face in life. Our ancestors had and futrue generation will have problems in choosing between the two.
There is old story to explain the difference between a optimist and pessimist. Cup half full and half empty. I think we all would have come across this expression to emphasis the need for positive thinking. WE all know positive thinking, is always the best way to live. People read books, go for spiritual discourses to learn positive thinking or to practise them. All spiritual text books and all spiritual gurus preach positive thinking. I personally believe many people theist

golden box

When I feel your presence
In every inch of my life
Millions of flowers
Blossoms in my heart
Fragrance of love
Fills every corner of my room
Without you and with you
Makes huge difference to my life
Words I speak
Thoughts I have
Whatever I do
Are scripted by you
Little drops of tears
Says a lot about our relationship
If possible I like to save those drops
In a golden box
Because it is the sign and celebration of our love