Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Freedom of truth

Have you gone to historical movies, have you seen those war scenes. There will be soldiers on either side they will fight ferociously against each other. Why I am referring to it. Because I want you to understand the war in historical times was very different from today. But still aim of the war is not to kill anyone but to capture the territory. If you able to capture the territory without killing others it is well and good but there is no war without a enemy. Enemy can be negotiated, enemy can be killed or we can deceive him. There are many strategies followed in today’s scenario but objective is to use his territory for our benefit.

It is the same way, life play with us, it wages a war with us it captures our territory through negotiation through brutal force through deceiving us. Either you accept its power over you or fight against it. Either you compromise or fight for you territory.

You may feel I am confusing you or getting confused with my analogy. Let me explain territory refers to our mind, our ideas, our control of the self, our reason, and our ideas. External environment influences us it captures our mind and makes us a toy and we play to the tunes of life. There is always a war between the two parts of the self. One is designed by the nature and the other is designed by the environment by
Nature I mean the self. We all have a plan that we want to be and others too have a plan who they want us to be people say you are what you think but that is partly true. In order to find my identity I depend on others I form my opinion with the help of comments I receive from others. So always there is contradiction between two parts of self, always there is war and remember war is all about capturing the territory. And we negotiate with life we agree to his restriction and disagree to some. When you agree there is no war but you lost your territory that you become what others want you to become if you disagree there is war you decide to fight for territory.

If you understand this perpetual war between the self and the self, we can understand why truth always eluded us. Because we can only perceive and our perception is influenced by others it is difficult to go beyond and think beyond boundaries, in order to do that you should be courageous to destroy the self which is constructed by others. And prepared to reengineer yourself to renovate yourself it is often like waging a war against yourself.

War can lead you to success or it can be lost. Win or loss War is followed by peace but sometimes war is better than peace.

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