Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Childhood is the wonderful period of human life. we had wings to fly up and above and beyond the boundaries of  life and its rules. we never had scales to measure our smile, joy and choice. Everything was wonderful for us. earth was place to play, time wound disappear beyond the horizon we welcomed idea of laughter and we laughed without the burden of ego. life in its true form is very easy. It says, enjoy everything you come across. afterall  we came here participiate in the play. why not we enjoy the play we play.

Serenity of early morning is a elixir to creative part of the self. we miss life and its wonderful pleasures by sleeping late. Early morning sunrays are nectar poured from the divinity. Fresh breeze will fill you with timeless feeling. your past, present, and future will beome oblivion self will get spread across the nature and get immersed in it wonderful colors. Those silent moments have the strength to make you listen to language of soul. 

Aim and objective of life is always growth. ceaseless motion of upgradation into next level. Basic is to look up and observe. Your target can be anything but never ends.  Growth I never meant physical or social growth  it is growth of self. Your internal journey towards the understanding of design of universe is far more importand than bank balance or the power or position. Remember when you able to connect internal and external journey your target is perfect. 

young and old, people see they are distant and never 
connected to each other. but it is only misconception infact both travel  along the same road and see through same lens. Both understand one important concept of humanity that is abundance of innocence. 
learning innocence is never easy, gathering the knowldege can be helped with million of ways but learning the innoncen can be done through one and only way of returning to purest part of the self. that children possess becaure didn't start learning and that old age offer because they learnt everything.

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